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Choosing the Perfect Venue to Get Hitched

Finally, your dream wedding day has completed its planning process. There’s no stopping you to officially announce your wedding day to your family and friends. Everything has been perfectly planned. But aren’t you missing out on something? Yes, your perfect venue to get married.

Wedding halls are one of the most important factors in the wedding planning process. Weddings are about a beautiful moment and the halls make it more memorable and charming. It demands careful planning and attention. No doubt, everyone would love to vow their promise in the most amazing place and the wedding hall must keep up its expectations. So to plan the perfect venue, follow the below tips to guide you in choosing the perfect place.

·         Consult with Your Planner

So before you start hunting down for the perfect place, make sure you talk with your planner. The planners are much more knowledgeable and will help you in selecting the right wedding halls. They know your budget and your vision. So they will guide you in choosing the perfect venue, which would become difficult and stressful without their aid.

·         Choose the Venue According to your Vision

This may seem very obvious, but when you start doing it practically, you will know how difficult it is. You will have limited options depending upon your budget and time. If the modern wedding is on your mind, then you can look out for well-designed restaurants, art galleries, warehouses and many more. But if the natural wedding is on your mind, you always got the options for beaches, parks, your backyard and many more. 

All it needs is a little thinking and you can do wonders with your venue. A little alteration in your plan is absolutely fine, but never change your wedding vision for just a venue.

·         Define Your Budget

The budget is a prime factor in the wedding. Before you decide on anything, make sure you plan out the budget and choose accordingly. Your budget elements should include food, venue, decoration, stay, photography and many more.

With the proper budget planning, it will help you in choosing the perfect wedding hall. Ensure you have allotted enough for the venue and the services. Look out for the offers you may get in wedding halls and choose accordingly.

·         Evaluate the Location

Location is an important factor in the finalization process of the wedding venue. The location should be such that it should have enough space for hosting your functions. Make sure it is easily reachable so that your guests do not find it hard or tiring to reach your wedding.

The location should also have good parking space. Mostly, the locations are booked just by looking at the pictures. Make sure you go personally and inspect the whole place before deciding anything.

·         Decide the Theme of the Wedding

To give your dream wedding a perfect picture frame, decide a theme for it. It would help the planning process and the other related work goes smoothly and orderly. Your theme for the wedding can be Fusion, Traditional, Royal or Rustic. Choose the venue according to your theme and style.

·         Evaluate the Wedding Venue

To evaluate the wedding venue, check the following lists.

1.       Catering services – Choose the venue that offers reasonable catering services and uncustomary food choices. The taste of the food must be very good and the drinks must be arranged without any hassle. The catering staff must take care of the entire food department without having to trouble the organizers. Everything must be pre-planned and that would include the food items and drinks.

2.       Hall Size – A wedding is imperfect without dance, music and chit chats. It demands fun and enjoyment. So choose a venue that fits right in the mood. The guests should have ample space to celebrate your special day. So choose according to the size of your guest list.

3.       Safety Measures – When there are many people involved in a place, there are chances of some mishaps. Always be prepared for it. It becomes your responsibility to take care of your guests. So the basic priority in choosing the wedding venue is safe and there should always be an emergency backup service. Also, ensure your venue has a CCTV just for safety reasons.